Essex Spartans vs. London Olympians


Date Time League Season
June 13, 2010 2:30 pm BAFL II South East 2010


London Olympians2070633Win
Essex Spartans07007Loss
33 - 7
Full Time


Essex Spartans lost on in an entertaining game as London Olympians continued their 100 percent record. It was their closest game of the season however as the Spartans can be proud of their themselves for keeping the score down and being pretty much on par with the Olympians after a bad first quarter.

After going 20-0 down within the first fifteen minutes the home side thought back as each side scored seven points in the second quarter. There would only be a further six points in what was an even second half.

Spartans started with the ball but after a four yard rush were forced to punt after two sacks on quarterback James Dawson.

The O’s flew out of the traps and within seven plays and two first downs they had the opening touchdown. The drive started with a 19 yard pass before they ran the ball 36 yards. on their way to a 1st and goal just three yards shot of the end-zone. They got the points and attempted the early two point conversion but failed this time with Marc Saunders getting the block in.

Spartans continued their poor start by conceding possession with a highly debatable fumble. Craig Willis burst through the defense and was on for a first down before being brought down to the ground with a high tackle in some people’s view. His fumble counted and Olympians retrieved the ball.

The O’s offense were again too much for the Spartans rushing 22 yards in three plays before passing for a second touchdown from eight yards. They decided to go for just the extra point this time and kicked over for a 13 point lead.

Spartans next possession was again turned over for Olympians to get their final touchdown of the quarter. A thirteen yard pass started off their drive before it looked like they may have their first drive without points at 2nd and 18 after a penalty. They did however get the eighteen yard eventually and ran the remaining 28 to the end-zone.

There was real worry the game would continue in such a manner after Spartans lost the ball on their second play throwing an interception at the start of the second quarter. The away side failed to make ten yards from their first two plays but got 11 on 3rd and 10 edging towards the 50. Spartans defense was shoring up and forced Olympians to a 4th and 4. But a long pass started off a drive of five throws as they eat up 44 yards to make the score 27-0, after the extra point, with another touchdown.

Finally Spartans got into gear and were soon to reduce the defecate with a touchdown of their own. Steven Hull came into the play after not starting due to problems with his shoulder injury and made an imidiate impact rushing 13 yards and then a further 26 to the end-zone.

And in London Olympians next drive there would be another first of the game as they failed to put points on the board after a forced fumble from Greg Simpson that was recovered by Saunders. Spartans then drove from their own 39 to the 24 dragging out the remainder of the half with eleven plays including a 27 yard run from Hunt and a handy 15 yard penalty before Dawson was sacked.

The second half went by with only one score coming from the away team, a touchdown at the start of the fourth quarter, in what was a very even end to the game. Spartans impressed with Wallace involved in a lot of the play and an outstanding 47 yard run from Hunt before a pass on the next play was intercepted.

Next week see’s the Spartans play their last game at Hannakins against bottom placed Linconshire Bombers as they hope to bounce back from this defeat and continue their good form from before this, their third defeat of the season.