Bury Saints vs. Essex Spartans


Date Time League Season
June 14, 2015 2:30 pm BAFA NL II South 2015


Essex Spartans6Loss
Bury Saints55Win
6 - 55
Full Time


Bury Saints extended their unbeaten run against the Essex Spartans in a bruising 55 – 6 defeat for the visitors on Sunday.

Bury kicked off and Spartans returned in good spirits, but scoring was opened quickly into the first few minutes with a touchdown from Bury. The Spartans resolve weakened almost instantaneously and the remainder of the first quarter was largely a defensive stalemate as the visitors struggled to cling on.

A second touchdown for Bury several plays into the second quarter extended the lead to 12 – 0 for Bury. Two good catches from Spartans’ Ashton Lord came to little fruition and the Spartans struggled to push the Saints back and gain any ground for themselves.

The Spartans’ only saving grace of the game came from a throw from Myles Peterson to Joe Parsons, who beat off his marking defender to make the touchdown for the Spartans late in the second quarter. It served to boost morale as the Saints fumbled a punt return to the advantage of #44 Ernest Owusu; Owusu made 40 yards before being tackled but the Spartans couldn’t capitalise further.

Bury brushed it off lightly however, and #30 ran it home for a third touchdown and successful kick conversion to finish the half 19 – 6 in favour of the home side.

The game unravelled immediately on the whistle for the Spartans, as the Saints ran the ball wide around an unsuspecting Essex defence and extended their lead to 25 – 6 on the first play of the first down. Two minutes later following a Spartans fumbled KO return, they pulled off an almost identical dash to the end zone and left the visitors trailing 31 – 6.

Following several on-field incidents and two significant foul tackles, Bury Saints #59 was ejected from the field for unsportsmanlike behaviour towards Spartans #65 Richard Humphries, who remained injured and unable to complete the game.

The remainder of the half belonged to Bury, who scored three further touchdowns, two conversations and a safety to completely overturn the Spartans and finish the game 55 – 6.

Essex Spartans will host London Blitz B next Saturday 20th June, for a special Saturday Night Lights fixture in memory of Tony Palmer, the club’s founder whom passed away last year.