The Off-Season: Withdrawal Level – Phall

I had to Google to find a curry hotter than a vindaloo, by the way, but I’m made this theme work for a long time so I’m not going to punk out on it just yet.

It is so, so, SO nearly April that it’s not even funny. Although it doesn’t particularly seem like almost 8 months since we wrapped up the 2015 senior season with the game against the Stallions, 7 months since the Academy coaching staff missed this particular media officer’s wedding to attend the play-offs in Cornwall (I forgive you… ), 5 months since the lovely awards where I made a terrible impromptu speech (by accident) and 4 since the Come & Trys started, I am assured that this is in fact the case.

As I’ve said before, us ‘back-roomers’ and the coaches don’t have much of a ‘break’ anyway, but it’s funny how the old routine comes around again and it’s like it never stopped. I hopped back on to Phoenix Radio last Saturday for our annual pre-season catch up with the sports show, by which time the Academy had already been on the road for the first time for the Kent Exiles ‘Festival of Football’ and made a stand in the name of Essex.

Last Sunday the seniors went on the road for the first time in 2016, new rookies and old timers in tow, to play a friendly scrimmage against the East Kent Mavericks. We were there last year, late summer, for an Associate game against the Maidstone Pumas (welcome back guys!) and it was nice to see the place again / have some time in The Bat & Ball on Old Dover Road (it’s a looooooong wait for them to get changed, you know?).

I suppose it was a nice break back in for me; closed scrimmage means no press coverage and it was REALLY cold, so I watched some of it from the side lines and most of it from my nice warm car, didn’t have to keep score or anything, and apart from a broken finger and a twisted ankle I think everyone came out of it OK. It was great to see our rookies kitted up and in their Spartans jerseys at long last, and see them get a bit of game time and understand exactly what they have got themselves into.

They seemed happy about it!

And then I woke up with a start at 3am on Tuesday realising I hadn’t filed my match report. You know, the one I didn’t have to write because it was a closed scrimmage. It took a few minutes for the penny to drop and I felt relieved, and then kind of disappointed, and then totally desperate for our first ‘proper’ game when I have to stand in the rain with a phone and a pencil writing illegible rubbish like a total twit.

It’s good to be home.