Super Bash and The Great Move

It’s been a little while! Everything within the club has been ticking along nicely so there’s not been a great deal happening aside from training, until the Super Bowl party last weekend thrown by our very own Social Sec Aaron Millar.

Between himself and myself (mostly himself!) more than 100 tickets were sold, over a £1000 was made for the club in raffle ticket sales and various enterprises related to the event and the people of Chelmsford for safe once again from the armies of the Greek city-states alliances. Or whatever.

I know – or rather, I gathered from professional opinion afterwards – that not everyone thought the half-time show was as cool as I did (I will concede that Chris Martin looked as out of place next to Beyoncé and Bruno Mars as Ace Ventura at a cocktail party) and that it was actually a bit of a clumsy game given that it was a final. But personally I had a great evening; explaining who Peyton Manning is to my brother-in-law and why it was important, accidentally kissing our Chairman full on the lips after missing his cheek and the joy of being half-passed out on the Head Coach’s shoulder most of the way up the A13 at 4 in the morning.

Happy days.

Our move to Gateway Academy in Tilbury is proving extremely illustrious indeed and we’re just thrilled with our new facilities. For the Academy it is such a massive step up and we’ve had a steady flurry of enquiries from Under 18s and their parents pretty much daily since the end of last season, with more still coming now. Their games will be played onsite at Gateway and I’m sure it’ll prove to be as fantastic a game day venue as it currently is a training facility for them.

For us old-timers in the seniors, we’ve got games at Thurrock Rugby Club to look forward to. I’m most excited by the prospect of a stand – not that there is, or has ever been, anything wrong with standing in the freezing cold and the rain and 90-mile-an-hour winds obscurely occurring in the middle of July, trying to write a match report in pencil on what is essentially a pad of pulp.

Oh and they have a bar, I’m looking forward to that too.

All we’ve got left really is our goalposts that are still up at our former home ground, and notwithstanding the amount of ‘How many Spartans does it take to…’ jokes we could make about this, we haven’t yet found an implement or vehicle big enough to move them, but there was an excellent suggestion that the players could rally around at 3 in the morning and carry them by hand up the motorway. Although with the current state of traffic around Thurrock it would probably be quicker to walk even if a lorry could be found – so there we go.

This week I saw a question on Twitter – “Could the Super Bowl ever be moved out of the USA?” It didn’t specify an alternative destination but I could assume they mean London, in the same way that the NFL International Series has now taken roots in Wembley. It was just a question I’m sure but it made me panic a bit – because how could that ever happen?

The Super Bowl is so outstandingly, disgracefully, gloriously American, with all its bottles of Budweiser and chicken wings and adverts that costs companies millions of dollars. We love it over here – obviously! – but I think that’d be a move too far. And what if they wanted to trade – the day the FA Cup between Millwall and Nottingham Forest is played at the Levi’s Stadium would be the day I book a one-way flight to the moon, to hide forever.

But for us, our little move has been a big success.