Following the enormous success of our Come and Try sessions – due entirely to you, our new players and rookies that came along in thunder, lightning and in rain – we are so thrilled to say that our Football 101s were an equally great success for us as a club.

All of these sessions since November are for mutual benefit – we want new players, and to give you an opportunity to try it out. We also want players who, once committed and confident that our family is the one for them, are going to skilful and safe, most importantly, so we are delighted that so many people came to these sessions to enhance their knowledge of the game and get to know one another that much better.

As you know, we take players from 14 until last-man-standing – if my 87-year-old grandfather wanted to come and play, we’d make room for him. And it doesn’t matter how old we are, we never ever stop learning about the world, and about each other.

I was first introduced to American Football at University, diligently standing in the freezing cold watching my partner play as cornerback for the university team. I learned what I was looking at, while he learned what to do. One day after a few months we had a conversation that went something like this.

“So, you know what you’re doing on the field now then?”
“Well… I know what to do. I just… sort of can’t remember why, yet.”

Five years later he does now know where he has to run to, and why – but he is still learning, and so am I. And so are all of you. Even the players in the NFL that started in Peewee Football in their home towns decades ago are still learning about the game that has become their entire life.

We believe in learning here – that’s why we have an Academy and rigorous weekly training sessions; that’s why your attendance and concentration is always paramount to our success. There is no rule that says only the qualified coaches can impart knowledge – if you have spent longer learning than a new player who first put on pads a month ago, help him to learn, as someone probably helped you.

School’s out for the winter now, but it won’t be long before the holidays are over and we’re back to work, bigger and badder than ever before!

See you there.