Spartans Twinned With Indians

The Essex Spartans are pleased to announce that they have just been twinned with Billerica Memorial High School in Billerica, Massachusetts.

The Spartans home town of Billericay in Essex has been twinned with Billerica for the last 10 years. The local twinning society thought it would be good, as part of the twinning of the 2 towns, to have the 2 football organisations linked too.

Memorial High go by the name of the Indians and play in a uniform similar to the Green Bay Packers. On a recent visit Manager Tony Palmer met people from the Billerica society and exchanged game shirts and gave a family Spartans t-shirts. The Indians provided game tape from the schools athletic director and Coach Peter Flynn who looks forward to exchanging tapes and cementing relationships between the 2 programmes.

Tony Palmer said “Hopefully this will provide us with access to players and coaches that can help move the club in the right direction in future years. I’m sure Coach Barham will be looking forward to meeting his American counterpart, and the people of Billerica said they look forward to meeting and making the Spartans players welcome on visits to the States.”