Ipswich Cardinals vs. Essex Spartans


Date Time League Season
June 26, 2016 2:30 pm BAFA NL SFC II East 2016


Essex Spartans7713027Win
Ipswich Cardinals60006Loss
27 - 6
Full Time


It was a case of better late than never for the Essex Spartans on Sunday as they took their first win of the season over the Ipswich Cardinals.

Both teams entered the game without a win in 2016, and after a painfully early touchdown putting the hosts in front, touchdowns from Spartans Earl Gorman, Dwayne Ferdinand, Myles Peterson and Bill Guppy plus three kick conversions from Tom Kitchen saw an offensive revolution for the visiting team.

Cardinals won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball with a diminished squad of just 23 players. Unperturbed however, Cardinals #5 Johnny Rogers smashed through the Spartans defence caught unawares and put the hosts in front 6-0 after barely a minute.

After a seeming resurrection when #48 Earl Gorman ran for 45 yards and made a first down for Essex, QB Myles Peterson fumbled the snap, which was recovered by Cardinals #29 Ollie Ward and ran easily in for the TD. However the officials flagged the touchdown for unsportsmanlike conduct and the deficit remained at 6 points.

#48 Gorman forced his way through the Cardinals offense to open scoring for Essex and a swift kick conversion from #52 Kitchen saw the visitors inch ahead at the close of the 1st quarter.

Kitchen continued to battle through as he made a first down after a 75-yard rush, much to the advantage of #24 Dwayne Ferdinand who downed the ball for the touchdown, with another kick conversion from Kitchen, to end the half 6-14 in the favour of the Spartans.

Having reserved all the drama for the first quarter, the second half was a steady and calm disassembling of the Cardinals defense, as two interceptions from Oli Page and Tom Kitchen saw the game move irreversibly in the favour of the Spartans.

A third touchdown from QB Peterson and conversion from Kitchen extended the lead to 6-21, and a final throw from Peterson to Bill Guppy for the last TD of the game in the third, saw the fourth quarter pass without much incident and the much-yearned for victory in the hands of the Spartans.

The Cardinals now sit bottom of the table without a win this season. The Spartans have a week’s training before taking on London Blitz B at home on Saturday 9th July.