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“It’s time to return to playoff football,” says Coach Seán

Only a few days from their opening game of the 2017 season, aspirations are high for the Essex Spartans seniors as they hope for a winning season and a return to the playoffs.

Following a frustrating 2016 campaign that saw just two victories from ten games in a multitude of circumstances and tight score lines, the Thurrock-based outfit have dusted themselves off and are looking forward to big things. Continue reading ““It’s time to return to playoff football,” says Coach Seán”

Guest Blog: Liz Speaks

I’m a woman who plays American football.

For a men’s team. It’s not exactly what I set out to do, or planned on happening, but it’s how things have turned out. And what has really surprised me is that it’s been ok. Not exactly the training, that can be bloody hard graft at times, especially motivating myself to go for a run or do weights at 5 in the morning. Continue reading “Guest Blog: Liz Speaks”

Mud, Sweat and Beers

It was a completely unique day for us on Sunday when we were invited to a ‘scrimmage day’ at Hertfordshire Cheetahs (formerly Watford Cheetahs). Rivals from last season that have gone somewhat up in the league, we took all three of our teams to St Albans Rugby Club for a day of mud-wrestling.

Alright, American Football, but it really was quite the ‘rainy day’.

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Fat Idiots Who Fall Down

The majority of us are almost definitely of that generation where every third film we watched growing up was some kind of horrendous American high school romantic comedy. And in said American high school romantic comedy, the stereotype is that the captain of the football team, usually the quarterback, is a devastatingly handsome WASP with no end of female admirers and college scholarship offers.

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