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The Spartans are incredibly proud to announce the addition of Sue Palmer to the organisation's Hall of Fame.

They say that behind every great man, is a great woman - and that was certainly the case in the Palmer household, with Sue being a vital part of the teams success, alongside her husband Tony.

Sue was there every step of the way to help the team as it grew and developed, and worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the Chiefs, and later the Spartans, were a success under Tony's leadership.

One of the many jobs Sue managed for the team was ensuring the matchday kits were washed after every game - a task which was hugely appreciated by every single memebr of the organisation.

Sue was ever-present on the sidelines during Tony's reign, and was as much a part of the Spartans family as anyone else.

Following Tony's retirement from the Spartans at the end of the 2012 campaign, the decision was unanimous to elect Sue into the Spartans Hall of Fame.

We'll never be able to fully thank you for everything you did for us, Sue, and we hope we'll see you on the sidelines cheering us on - without having to worry about washing the kit afterwards!