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Karlos BAAH

Running Back

Karlos Baah served the Spartans as both a running back and a running backs coach, and was always there when the Spartans needed him most.

The first meeting with Karlos was after the merger with Redbridge Fire. Karlos was training and turned to catch a pass, his foot got stuck in a divot and resulted in him breaking and dislocated his ankle in the process.

Karlos worked his way through this injury, which kept him from walking for 8 months, and after a year came back strong as ever. Two years later Karlos was on the ropes again and had a fight on his hands when he was diagnosed with diabetes. He knuckled down and started to work his way back to playing condition. At the time he thought he might have to give up playing for good so #36 went into the Spartans "Hall of Fame".

The Spartans are pleased to say that Karlos continued to play occasionally, but mainly coached the new breed of runningbacks to play the way he played. One word that best describes him is 'Warrior' #26 nowadays he'll get you!!