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Brendan BRIDE

Head Coach

Brendan started his football career with the Basildon Colts who then went onto be the Basildon Braves. He played wide receiver with some success at the position. After the break up of the Braves the call came from Tony Palmer to get all former Braves players together with his now fledgling team the Basildon Chiefs (Palmers team was a former youth outfit who had now graduated to senior football).

Brendan was one of those that answered the call and in there first season (Bride both playing & Coaching) the side went to Brit Bowl in 1991. Brendan played for one more season and then lost contact with the team. He re-emerged when Coach Dean Gibson took the reins having both played together formerly. Brendan took over as OC and was successful at this post with all players liking his easy manor to them.

When Gibson left so did Bride but when Dean retook the post of Head Coach Brendan was again on hand. This transpired into the Cyrill Weems period where again Brendan was OC. Knowing CW was leaving he asked Brendan to become Head Coach but due to work & family commitments he could not accept. Brendan still checks up on the lads and sometimes pops into training or to see a game if time allows.

We would all just like to thank Bren & his wife Sue for helping out the club and he knows he will always be a Spartan.