Mascot Owen speaks to the Spartans

The Essex Spartans senior game against the Ipswich Cardinals on Saturday night was a special one for eight-year-old Owen, as he had a big surprise waiting for him when he attended.

As the club mascot for the night, Owen is now the proud owner of Spartans merchandise and walked onto the pitch with the Captains, was part of the card check and met all the players, officials and coaches at the end of the game.

He said: “I had no idea I was going to be a Spartan mascot today. I’ve never been one before.”

“I came to the game against London and when the Spartans didn’t win I was so sad. But now the Spartans are winning and I am very happy!”

“My favourite player for the Spartans is Myles Peterson who plays quarterback. I am going to be just like him.”

Owen, whose favourite subjects at school are Science and sports, is also a big fan of Premier League club West Ham United.

“I think when I grow up I’d like to be the next Dimitri Payet. And then I’m going to be a Spartan.”

Owen spent some time in the player’s box with QB #18 Peterson during the game, and is looking forward to his 14th birthday when he can join the Spartans Academy.

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