The Off-Season: Withdrawal Level – Simmering

Welcome back to the blog!

Two weeks ago it all seemed like we were on the downward slope to becoming calm for a few weeks – no such joy. Last night was our AGM which, as these things often do, raised more opportunity to be busy on behalf of the team than it sought to discuss and put to bed.

It was nice to have lots of us back in the same room after a little break – in this small window of time since the season’s end, two of us got married, one had a baby, several got their exam results, one bought a business, one is off to grown-up college and lots of other people did a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

The most important thing on the approach now is our Come and Trys – we will be able to announce dates VERY soon and our exact locations shortly after that, but be assured we will once again be going North (ish), South (as always), oh-so-East and as far west as we dare before we hit the DLR in search of future Spartans – we know you’re out there!

We were extremely excited last week to receive the news that the Essex Spartans has been awarded Clubmark Accreditation from Sport England. This prestigious credit was the result of almost three years’ work from our chairman Ray, and we were one of only three sports organisations in the whole of England to receive the accreditation this year.

Being able to boast a Clubmark means that we’ve proved conclusively that we care deeply about our players and members, honour our community and surroundings and show a great deal of responsibility towards our sport, our opponents and each other. Knowing we’re part of something as awesome as that really does make the winter months feel like a long, boring business trip, in a draughty conference room, far away from home with that awful industrial-strength tea they give you from the chrome tanks that don’t really work.

But our Sundays through the winter (and our October half-term, for whom it is relevant) will be jazzed up considerably by our Come & Try sessions – last year drizzle and thunderstorms were the name of the game and we will be hoping to welcome as many hundreds of you as are willing to come along to those sessions.

They’re free, they’re fun – they might be a bit cold but hey – they could be the start of your future.

See you soon!