Season End

The Essex Spartans senior team finished on Saturday night with an unfortunate defeat – never my favourite thing. It’s never pleasant writing match reports where I have to skip eloquently around how we managed to accidentally concede 3 touchdowns and what the ‘scuffle’ in the first half really looked like from the sideline.

I’ve had a few embarrassing post-season meltdowns over the years, and I remember in particular the 2011-12 Championship season (before I knew the unparalleled joys of following an NFL team that very rarely win, as well) when West Ham won the play-off final and it felt like it had been the longest season ever, but when it was over, I had no idea what to do with myself going forward at any point. I just sat and sobbed because I’d get to go  through the same horrid emotions and frustrations in a few months’ time and I already started to miss it the minute the whistle blew on the final.

And then someone had the audacity to say to me, “Oh, I know exactly how you feel, I get terribly upset when Wimbledon finishes.”

I mean, really.


They don’t even wear helmets or anything.

So anyway there I was on Saturday night, having my first post-season drink and it really did feel like the end of a whole new era. I’ve seen the end out of a Spartan season before now, but it felt different this year. I think it’s probably a lot to do with just how much has been achieved this year – it’s like the club has been sitting in Miracle Gro; everything about the organisation has got more massive, more awesome, and so much easier to love.

And then it went and ended and I’m terribly bored of post-Spartan life already.

But of course, there’s heaps to look forward to. The Academy aren’t even finished yet – we’ve even got a playoff campaign to fight through yet! The Big Interview x2 with our two Head Coaches, available soon. The Awards night for us to celebrate our season (there’ll be photos and that, up to a point!), and then we’ll be back piecing together another super-massive recruitment drive over the winter to drag some sorry souls onto the Billericay astroturf and turn them into the fine Spartan warriors we’ve got now.

Don’t forget us – we’ll see you really soon.