New Faces, Old Hands

Happy New Year to all our players, coaches, supporters and friends!

The Essex Spartans were privileged to host four Senior Come & Try sessions, and three Academy sessions also, during November and December of 2014. We saw more than a hundred new faces come through the door to give our sport a try and great support was given by our vets – torrential rain or no.

We’re hoping that the enthusiasm shown on these occasions will be perpetuated through to this year, when we start gathering together willing brothers to buy kit and join the team for training. We were beyond impressed with the skill shown by ex-rugby players, seasoned vets fresh out of University ball, and those who filled in ‘No previous experience’ on the form and ran the field ragged anyway.

The most encouraging element of the whole exercise, however, was not the naturally gifted or the highly experienced, or even the ‘Ravens fan, all my life!’ lovers of the sport. It was the faces that kept coming back weekend after weekend, following us all over the county and improving. From some, it was clear that they were going home on Sunday afternoon and spending the week practicing the drills to come back and impress us the following week.

We noticed!

We’ve got lots to be planning for and looking forward to, now that it’s officially 2015. Tickets for our annual Super Bowl party go on sale next week, and the league are working on our fixtures as we speak. Pre-season training will commence at the end of this month and then it’s full speed ahead for what we hope will be our most successful season yet.

Happy New Year, and Roll Tide.