Spartans Meet The Public

The streets were awash with the Black Tide as players and coaches from the Essex Spartans descended on Billericay and Brentwood to try and raise awareness of the team.

Coaches Sean Benton and Wes Bourke were joined by players Lee Millar, Jon Tottman, Adam McTaggart, Andrew Clarke, Tom Langford, Tom Marston, Jack Holder and Steve Watson to distribute leaflets publicising the teams remaining home fixtures along the two Essex High Streets.

The team received a warm response from the public, and would like to thank the local businesses who allowed them to leave some of the leaflets with them to increase their customer’s awareness of the Billericay-based team.

“We had a great afternoon meeting the people of Billericay and Brentwood and were very pleased with the positive response we received from the local community”, said Spartans Coach Sean Benton. “We hope that we brightened a rainy afternoon in both towns and would like to thank our fans both new and old who cheered us on to a win over Divisional rivals Bedfordshire.”